London Marathon training continues..

Posted on: 23 Feb 2019

Four years since my last marathon and I have now remembered that there are no shortcuts and the training runs have to be done.

Last weekend the LSR was 16 miles, this coming Sunday it’s 17 miles.  My midweek runs are now at least 10k each.  Another thing I have remembered is the constant hunger, I am eating all the time!

I am trying to run with other people as much as possible, having company certainly helps pass the time and miles, and have started running more frequently with the club.  It means that the running group at work are being left to their own devices and this week no one went running on either day.  Shocking!  I’ll try and knock them back into shape later in the spring.

I have got the job as lead bike in the Harpenden half marathon (March 10th) which means heading the pack of runners around the course and hoping that the fast ones don’t catch me!  The downside is that the organisers have arranged a race route recce which means that I am unable to get to the realbuzzers meet up at Finsbury Park parkrun.  I am extremely disappointed as I have enjoyed the previous London meet ups at Fulham Palace but I realise that I do have to know the course in advance of my duties.  Imagine the chaos if I lead the race leaders off course during the event!

I will squeeze in a parkrun beforehand however as I slowly inch towards the 100 mark, I will get that milestone t-shirt this year come what may.

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