The end of 2018

Posted on: 03 Mar 2019

It might be a little late for a 2018 summaries, but I'm on a blog roll so I'll just keep going. =)

After Snowdonia it was like popping a balloon, all my energy left me, both physicaly and mentaly. I had one weeks complete rest from training, but then we had health week at work so I joined the lunch run, the yoga class and circuit training. Circuit training was not the best idea, my knee had not recovered yet so had to take it easy on some exercises. But when you feel a little blue I think group training is very good for you, so I kept that up and tried to fit in a lunch run here and there to get some daylight. It's tough to have race blues in the dark  north, when it's actually dark before 4 pm. =/ 

At parkrun, 2 weeks after Snowdon!

I tried to get away from the blues by entering a race, 25 km trail in January. It only worked partially, my head still wasn't quite back to normal but I tried as best as I could. 

I had plans to join the Marcoton challenge, completing it would mean breaking 1000 km in 2018, but I woke up on 1st December with a cold throat so I was out before it even started. =/ As soon as I felt better I tried to run as many days as I could, so the week after christmas I at least reached 900 km for the year! Everything beyond this was record breaking for me. 

The christmas holidays was a blessing, I was so tired and worked out, I really just wanted to sleep for 2 weeks. After a few busy days at my parents, with christmas here and there, meeting all the relatives and some old friends, me and hubby left and headed for our summer house instead. The quiet and peaceful environment was just what I needed, we even cancelled our New Years plans to stay an extra few days there, instead of another long road trip halfway across the country. 

The year ended with a New Years 10k at home in Gothenburg instead. It was grey and a little rain, but a good atmosphere. 1:08 is no recordbreaking time to talk about, but according to Garmin it was my fastest 10k in 2018. Might be because it was only the second one, and this one was flatter haha. =) 

To get a bit of distance in the bag I decided to run a bit of the way home. I ran another 5k and then took the tram the rest of the way. Did a little summary on the tram and realized I was on 924,8 km. I can not end this year like that I thought! I need 925! Problem was, I was buying the wine for dinner on the way. Ah well, I just had to jog from the tram, with the winebottles in my hand, and I reached 925,1 km! Job done! =D Must have been quite a sight for the neighbors. =P 

So that's 2018, another roller coaster year. Two full marathons, one 40 km Backyard ultra, one 30k race, one 22 km trail race, 1 half marathon, one 11,5 k trail race, two 10k,  and a bunch of parkruns. And last, but not least, two buzzers meetups, best weekends ever! Thank you for that my friends!
Instagram top 9, all running related! People like it when I run, just like I do! 

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