My daughter made me go to the gym tonight

Posted on: 11 Mar 2019

Well, she didn't *make* me, but... This morning, I thought that tonight, I would get Mr Flump to run me up to the gym, this evening. However, after a long day at work (which I find really, really boring - grumble, grumble, grumble...), I thought that I couldn't be bothered. I am a lazy Flump, me. :-(

However, Miss Snufflemuncher* asked if Mr Flump would run her up to the gym. (She and my husband go to a different gym to me - they have decided that they like one which is nearer, and cheaper, but I don't want to go there. They like all the weights stuff, but I like all the cardio stuff, which is better at my gym. Theirs is cheaper, but it doesn't suit me).

Because the Snufflemuncher was getting Mr Flump to drive her to the gym, I thought that it would be really lazy of me not to get him to go via my gym, as well.

I had a little under an hour at the gym, and I did a very energetic ten minutes on the bike, then an energetic ten minutes on the slippy-slidey thing, and then an energetic ten minutes on the inny-outy slippy-slidey thing. Then I did a few weight-y things (quad-curls, and quad-stretchy things). 

So, thank-you, Miss Snufflemuncher!

I was pleased with myself: I worked hard, and I really wore myself out. :-) 


* That is a name which I first used for her on a parenting forum, seventeen years ago. Mr Flump and I still often use it. her little sister is the Scrunchmuffin.

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