The one with the 2019 plan

Posted on: 13 Mar 2019

When Facebook is down, what do you do? Well you blog of course! I thought it was time to reveal my thoughts on 2019, just to get it in print. Also it's harder to chicken out if you have told your friends about your plans haha. 

The year have started a bit dull, I did 2 back-to-back trailraces in January and they took all my energy and running mojo away. I was shattered mentally for weeks after. I tried setting new goals but my head just wasn't in it, and to top it all I have been sick on and off. But now it feels like I'm back at it, and I have started to make plans, some more clear than others. =) 

First goal: Comeback at my local half marathon 18th May after having to skip it to go to a wedding last year. It will be my ninth race and I want to do my best one yet. That means I need to beat 2:31:17. I have chased sub-2:30 on that course for a few year now and I want that now. I also want to do a PB, which means sub 2:27, but the course is not the easiest so that will be a bonus if I do that. =) 

This half marathon is the worlds largest (they say, but at the same time Great North Run claims this title as well so who knows) and the whole week leading up to the race is a runners week with races for all abilities. I usually do the trail race on the Tuesday which also have a walkers option, there is a relay race on Wednesday, Thursday is for Special abilities, which invites kids and young adults with mental disabilities, and then there is the big half on Saturday and  kids races on Sunday. 

I have done the double with trail and half a few years but this year I plan to go all in and do three races the same week. That would mean trail, relay (Requires 4 other people but I hope my work mates will join me), and the half. It should be fun! =D So that's another goal, not as serious but maybe the funniest. 

There will be no spring marathon this year, instead I have my eyes set on a slightly bigger challenge. I finally want to become an ultra runner. I tried at the Backyard Ultra last year but didn't make it to the "ultra lap", so this year I would play it safe and enter an actual ultra race. 

Every year, the first weekend in March, there is a stupidly long cross country ski race in Sweden, called Vasaloppet. It comes from the legend that King Gustav Vasa escaped the Danish troups by skiing through the forests of north west Sweden. Now they ski that distance, 90 km, every year. A few years a go they added summer races with biking and running. I think you think you see where I'm going with this but no, I'm not running 90k, that's just stupid (no offence ultra legends here, I'm just not there yet). No they have the much more appealing half option, where you run 45 km (28,2 miles). That's what I want to do, that will be a challenge for me. 

The race is 17 August, when the countryside of Sweden is at one of it's best. The course is mostly trail, just a few kms of tarmac, not hilly like Snowdon but undulating as forests usually are, and they say the race is challenging but wonderful. So UltraVasan 45, I'm coming to get you! Then there is Snowdon of course, and there I will try and go sub-6 hours. That would be brilliant for me on that course. 

That's pretty much what I have been thinking about the last few weeks. Turns out all I needed to get going again was spending a whole day on the couch watching people skii for hours and hours. Need to remember that for next time I lose my mojo. =P 

Training for all this started on Monday, so now it's just to keep on running and not get sick again. I'm back in my hypochondriachal runners bubble! Yey! 

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