Reaching a goal

Posted on: 27 Mar 2019

Trying the new Realbuzz app to write this post, so far I like it a lot! As I wrote in my last post I have set some goals for my running this year. Some harder than others, but still fairly reachable. The first thing to do on the road to reach them were to get back into regular running. It might sound easy, but there are a lot of excuses in the beginning, before you get over the threshold (both the mental one and the physical one in your house).

Our health project at work is on Monday mornings, so now I have planned my week around that. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are running days now. At the moment I'm not going to circuit training because it's been moved to Wednesday and going there would mean running with tired legs on Thursday . Not good. So instead I'm trying a core class on Thursdays, because I need that strength work. So far I have made all my planned runs. Even that evening when it was raining and cold, cold wind. It's so much easier once you have set your targets, then your runs have a purpose.

In the beginning of the month I added an extra goal, to try running to work at least once during March. I've been running home from work quite a lot, but I'm not a morning person so have never done it the opposite way. But today was the day, I planned it carefully by bringing clean clothes and my breakfast bowl of yogurt to work yesterday, so this morning I didn't really have an excuse not to do it.

It wasn't the nicest of mornings, a bit grey and foggy but not too cold, around 6 degrees. I tried running without eating breakfast before my run, I didn't want to get up too early. My body felt tired in the beginning, it felt like the warm up was longer than normal and maybe this was because the lack of food first. Next time I'll try having a banana or so, that might be enough. A lot of it is in the head I think, and the body needs to get used to running in the morning. I made my 5 miles in just under an hour, good enough and I had a good feeling all day. And I wasn't as tired as I usually are, so all in all it was a good experience. I might try it again soon. 😊

This weekend will be the exception from my running plan, I'm doing a 10k race on Sunday. I was hoping that do a good time, it's a fast course, but I haven't done much speed work so I'll just try and get around in a decent time instead. I have been waiting for a run with a good feeling, but that hasn't happened yet. I feel heavy (which I am) and tired (which I am), the breathing is heavy and I just don't get a good feeling. But I know my body is tired, I was so close to hit the wall before christmas, and it needs recovery. I just won't push myself too hard at the moment, and hopefully the good runs will come.

So that's it for now I think. I'm thinking about my goals for April, we'll see what it will be. More physical activity is all I know I need, maybe it's time to get back on the bike to work?

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