Marching on....

Posted on: 31 Mar 2019

I don’t really do this very often, but when I’ve gone to the trouble of building myself a spreadsheet that lets me compare what I’ve planned to do against what I’ve done, I may aswell have a butchers and see what nuggets I can extract:

Total distance run in March = 107 miles.

February was 89. January 83. 

Volume increasing at a pretty reasonable rate. Factor in the 3 extra days March has over February and the 10% rule is safe.


19 runs done over 15 days. So 4 double days then, and should I have included average run length in my spreadsheet? I’m not sure how useful it really is but feel like I want to know it now, because I can.

5.6 miles. I’m going to add it in 😃.

Done it 😃. It’s a mile up on Feb and 2 miles up on Jan 👍.

For the “Run 1,000 miles in 2019” I joined, I’m on target 😊. If I want to run 1,000 miles before the finish of Marathon Eryri, on target I am not ☹️.

Run 1,000 miles is the reason that I started keeping stats.

Average miles run per week so far in 2019 is 21.6. 

My plan was to have 111 miles run in March, so I’m really chuffed to see how close to achieving what I’d planned I actually am, because most days have turned out rather different.


On February 11th I finally got round to adding cycling into the mix.

The benefits of cycling for a hill runner are many; (1) reduce overall stress on the joints (2) get the legs used to turning at a higher cadence (3) build stronger thigh muscles for those downhills (4) push the cardio training really hard.....

Including my commute, which is short, I’ve cycled 124 miles in March (not really fair to draw comparisons with Feb). That’s across 18 bike rides on 12 days (so 6 double days) with an average ride length of 6.9 miles.

March’s cycling plans (if I’d begun in November) were for well over 200 miles, and included the Cheshire Cat Cycle Sportive.

I”m way behind that, but not worried. If I think of it in terms of where I should be at on week 7 of my plan for cycling, I’m actually well ahead 😊.


Altogether I’ve trained on 22 days, and running and cycling together adds up to 37 training sessions in March, which is ok when there’s only 31 days, AND I’ve rested.

Be a long time probably before I write a blog like this again, and to be honest it’s for my own reference rather than anyone else’s,  but now I’m settled in the house, it’s the right time to look at my training and see if I’m on the right track.

Pretty happy to be honest with where I’m at 😊.

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