my 1st 5k race and event 2 of my [email protected]

Posted on: 06 Apr 2019

I raced my 1st 5k event (event No2 of [email protected]) and surprising I really enjoyed it. It was a trail event, climbing around 436ft. I had no idea about what sort of time I was/should be looking at or how to pace it (ha like I’ve ever paced any event ever!). It started quick as I suppose most do. The first 200m or so it was mainly people getting in to their own space, the leaders at this point were way in front. A little down hill section on the road, then up and back off road. Oh it was up hill too, to be fair I think I enjoy the up hills a little more than the down. Not sure if that’s the sadistic side of me or maybe I always seem to overtake people on the up not saying I’m good at up hill just better that I am at down hills because they then all re-overtake me on the down. I think I just haven’t got the guts to let myself go on the down, even as a kid on my bike I always preferred trying to get up the big massive hill without stopping especially if no one else had done it, or the slower weaving in and out of trees down hills over the big massive down hills. Think I’m just a scaredy-cat. On the 1st downhill I took a little care right until I could hear the runners behind start catching me up so I opened up my stride a little. I heard a yelp from just behind me, being a true sportsman I did what any like minded person would do ...I ignored it and carried on. I spent the rest of the race thinking it can’t be far to the end, it can’t be far now. Every time the marshals would send us back in and away from the finish line the last mile felt like 4. Chip time said I ran it 21 mins bang on! I came 7th overall, in front of me was one senior, one junior, one female two v45, and one v40 (my category) I’m pleased with that! The guy who yelped came over to me at the end and said he’d had his eye on me and was trying to catch me up. Nice guy. this event is a 3part series and As I’m typing this I’ve only ran one so I now have knowledge of the course (not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing) I have a time to beat, I also have competition from mr yelp and the other v40! I am doing a long run on Saturday and medium run hopefully on sun In prep for my ultra marathon in June so maybe sore and tired for next Wednesday. But I still have a target! Instagram @gingersprockets

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