The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry..

Posted on: 13 Apr 2019

The phrase adapted from Robert Burns' 'To a Mouse' is well known and could well describe my training plan for London.

My tried and tested sub 4 hour marathon plan has been succesful since I adopted it back in 2014, it delivered again in 2015 at Brighton (just!)

As a reminder it's quite simple, run 3 times a week, increasing the LSR gradually up to 20 miles and then taper for 3 to 4 weeks.  The nutrition and hydration is the key to success.  Beer for carb loading and red wine to help with relaxation.  It is a relaxed plan and being relaxed is the way to succeed.  Putting yourself under pressure and trying too hard over 26 miles gives far too much opportunity for little things to matter when they don't quite fit the plan.  This leads to stress and poor decison making especially when tired in the second half of a marathon.  My first marathon attempt in 2011 was a prime example, off to a flying start, halfway in good time and then it all went wrong.  I have learned from that day.

So, to my 2019 training plan and where I am with it.  I have had to adjust and adapt some elements.  The timing of London this year meant a long 5 week taper after the 20 miles at Oakley rather than my preferred 3-4 weeks.  A spanner in the works has also been caused by a visit from my brother. This has resulted in a lot of eating and drinking (especially drinking) and not a lot of running. 

To top it off I have also picked up a sore throat and a dry cough.

What I am trying to say is that my plan has gone out of the window, goodness knows what is going to happen on marathon day but I have had a lovely time, which I will most likely regret at some point during those 26.2 miles!



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