A proper taper?

Posted on: 21 Apr 2019

I mentioned last time that I had picked up a cough and sore throat, sadly this didn't go away.

As I also mentioned last time my plan, especially the actual running bit, had petered out.  I decided to run between 12 and 15k last Sunday at marathon pace to see how I was.  I chose a slightly hilly route with some off road thrown in, wanted to make it a bit tougher than a flat tarmac run just to make it a proper test.  It was perfect running weather, bright with a light wind and not too warm either.  I ran through woods, finding where the bluebells were just starting to flourish, picked up part of the now demised Heartwood Forest parkrun route and got to Sandridge village fairly unscathed.  The sore throat was a bit annoying but otherwise all was good.  I had bought a new batch of gels, the usual brand but to be sure had brought one along just to try it out.  A couple of these will be in my belt next week.  I stopped to take one, I felt just slightly weary and needed to make sure I could also cover another 3k or so.   I incorporated a bit of Jersey Farm parkrun route in albeit in the opposite direction and then made my way home. 14k done, average pace of 8.43 for the 8.97 miles so on target but I didn't feel too great.  I couldn't see myself keeping that up for 26.2 miles.  I put that down to the sore throat and cough, hoping that the next fortnight would see an improvement.  By Tuesday morning the sore throat was really uncomfortable so assuming it was  throat infection I went to the GP's surgery to get it checked out and hoped for some antibiotics for a quick fix. 

After a thorough examination the verdict was "not a bacterial infection so no need for antibiotics.  It is a viral infection so just rest up, keep taking fluids and it should pass in anything up to two weeks".

I had mentioned that I was running the London Marathon, and, as I got up to leave, "good luck with the marathon" she smiled.

So not ideal but at least the medical advice didn't say not to run!

I have totally rested up for the past week, not by choice either.  Although the sore throat has finally cleared up, the cough keeps me awake at night and I have just had no energy so when not in bed all I have managed is to lie on the sofa.  With the great weather the past few days that has been extremely frustrating, I haven't been able to bring myself to look at Strava as I know that everyone is out there having a great time running and cycling in the sunshine!

Zero miles this week for me, now that is what I call a taper!

ps forgot to mention that I have also got an infection in my right eye!

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