White Peak 'Swift' Half Marathon (18th May 2019)

Posted on: 19 May 2019

The week after my last half marathon, if I could find an excuse not to run, I used it.  so after six days of not running I attended a session run by my local running shop.  It is an interval session and I have been going for about three years.  I have an awesome sprint finish.  the rest of the running is slow, but it is all about the sprint finish.  I had a great session and got up to unbelievable speeds.  If only some of that could find itself into my regular running.

I was sensible and did a good 4 mile run while the rest of Derby were watching the footy.  (No traffic, so didn't have to stop at the roads)

The day dawned and I got up stupidly early after a late shift the evening before.  I waited outside for my lift.  I went back into the house three times to use the loo.  You have to be at this race by 9.30am, even though it doesn't start until 11.00am.  It is a 30 minutes bus ride to the start.  Then there is the loo queue.  There was an important race briefing.  The route had changed from last year due to a lorry taking out one of the bridges.  There was a diversion which went through a field of cows.  I was a little disappointed.  I had been practicing my long jump.

Then we were off.  I started at the back as usual.  A lady next to me said she was aiming for tree hours and took off like a rocket.  It is a fairly flat route along the White Peak Trail.  There are a few ups and downs, but they aren't obvious.  I decided after my last race to try and slow my pace down for the first few miles and was on target at 5 miles.  I negotiated the field and there were no cows.

From 8 miles there are three steep inclines.  I was slowing down so that helped with my average pace.  The last one is at 10 miles and it is a 1:8 and lasts for 3/4 mile.  Tough on the knees and tough n the flabby bits.  Even the flabby bits I didn't know I had hurt.  I did end up with a stitch at the bottom of this incline and almost stopped running to walk it off.  The rest of the route was flat and I decided that it was probably quicker to try and run it albeit slowly so the finish would arrive quicker.  

I heard the usual shout of 'run for the train' and finished with a time of 2:30:09.  I was so pleased.  I didn't stop and give up like I did last year and was 6 minutes quicker.

The best thing about this race is that because the full marathon starts further up the trail, I am not the last one to finish.  The winner of the full marathon was 20 minutes behind me.   

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