Why' You Callin' It "Hump Day"?

Posted on: 15 Jun 2019

I probably don't need to tell you the naughty little thoughts that went through my head the first time I heard Wednesday described in such a way. I thought my luck was in 😀.

Disappointment quickly followed 😔.

(I was with a rather attractive, very attractive actually, young lady at the time, and it was her that set my mind off racing 😂)

Aaaahhh racing 😊😊😊....

It's what Wednesday nights in the summer months were made for 😁.

Of course I never knew this until I discovered the world of fell running. These midweek meets are just beautiful places to be; full of smiles, full of joy, full of humble folks with a simple love of running and a simple love of hills. Some quite enjoy a post race pint too. Handy that we more often than not register and finish at a pub 😋.

June 5th, "Race Up The Beast" this one is called. Class A (steep), short, 4.5 miles this one. 4 years ago my old mate Dave Parker introduced me to this one  -  actually, it's 6 😱. Time flies eh?  Too long since I've been back here again. Too long since I've seen Dave Parker ☹.

Really enjoyed it then, its a lovely little run - woodland trail and a fairly flat start, then upwards, out into the open and a quirky little section of short little scrambles up bands of exposed limestone you just wouldn't expect to see here - it's like a miniaturised version of Ingleborough up in the Dales this hill, over the hump 😀 (see what I did there 😂), and there's even a little limestone pavement to cross as we start running down the other side. Loop around and climb again....

It's not quite as I rember it 🤔. 6 years ago we did that scrambling section twice. The race route has changed. My route has not 😕😂. I saw the backmarkers going up the face of the hill and followed them thinking it was people infront, so up I went for another go. Three runners that had been behind me were kind enough to call me back 😊. It felt too early to be heading back towards the pub anyway.

A meandering scamper along lovely soft woodland trails followed with little ups and downs and fallen trees to jump over and others to duck under, it was gorgeous.

Back at the pub, old friends seen, pleasant chats had, and a post race cider went down a treat.

Puts a smile on your face on a Wednesday 😊😊.


Now the intent behind this post was to write with similar glow about another lovely Wednesday night fell race on June 12th, but as things turned out, I was kinda tired, and took the warnings from my body and decided to have a rest.

Still nowt to get in a hump about. Rest was needed, and enjoyed.... Not quite as much as the "Hotfoot Up Famau" would have been, but switching off was kinda nice.

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