5km Summer Series (and the cheat) - 28th May

Posted on: 20 Jun 2019

Whoops - Catching up

5km Summer Series Race 1

I love these races.  They started last year, but there are not many people who run them.

Two laps of a park.  This used to be Darley Parkrun, but it was moved because the locals didn't like the runners 'ruining' the grass, despite it not being the parkrunners. The park was wrecked during the Olympic torch relay, when they laid a temporary road on saturated grass.  It never recovered.  They are currently making this area into a decent path.

Two laps with 'cardiac hill' at about 1.5km and 4km.  I haven't done much hill work this year and you could tell.  I walked up both times.  But this is the first race out of four, so a slowish first race, makes an improvement on the next one slightly more realistic.

There is this bloke who runs these races.  I saw him and I tried not to let him stress me out.  Why?  Because he cheats.  He nips into the trees on the hill on lap one and pops out again on lap two.  The first time, he popped back on the course just in front of me, and I ran as fast as I could so he couldn't beat me.  I left it at that.  The second race he did the same again, but he was just in front of me, so I called him out - 'don't forget it is a two lap race'.  He did do the two laps, but I was so angry.  He didn't turn up on the third race, but did on the fourth.  My husband kept an eye on him and made sure he did two laps.  

I know he is only cheating himself, but he gets  time, it is an official time, he gets a medal.  I work hard to get my time.  My Mum works hard to get a time and he cheats to get his.

It was slightly different this time.  He was walking after 500m and loads of people overtook him.  I over took him on the hill (and I was walking) and sure enough he popped into the trees.  He misjudged his return and came in five minutes before me and lots of others who had overtaken him.  

There was an outcry.  They were going to have a word with him.  I hope they do.  When the results came out he still had a time, not a disqualification.  


I was the first in my age group and my Mum was the first in her's.  
Not too difficult we were the only ones in our age group.  Our prize - a bottle of wine, which would be lovely if I liked the stuff.  I did keep one last year when I came top of my age group.  It was the first time I had ever won anything.

We will be back again for Race 2.  I may just be able to run up the hill albeit slowly.  

And I wonder if he will dare show his face again.


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