In Waters Again

Posted on: 12 Aug 2019

Friday 14th June – In Waters Again

I turned up on Wednesday 12th at 09:45 only see crowds of children and their mothers queuing at the reception area. I didn’t bother joining the queue as I knew what the answer would be, namely turn up after 16:00. Slightly been put off having to dodge kids in the pool even at after 16:00 I decided to try again on the 14th probably in vain.

Well, I was allowed in at 09:45 and only a scattering of kids were seen. So back to trying to get some form of training in albeit very scarce over the last couple of months. All I could do is repeat up and down length tucking in some freestyle and using breaststroke to recover and get my breath back.

This works well although the maximum I can manage in freestyle was 4 or 5 lengths (17 metres) when the fatigue starts and the swimming stroke form and breathing technique goes to pot. I’m sure this is due to lack of regular swims, but out of my control. Always at the back of my mind is the thought of breaststroke and the tow float as saviours. Even though I have not tried out the tow float yet.

I had been swimming for about 20 minutes and a flood of children entered the pool in various age groups and numerous swimming instructors and assistants. Over the next 5 minutes, I had to change lanes to avoid them at least three times. With this chopping and changing lanes, there was no chance of getting any regular pattern of repetitions going and I gave up after another further 10 minutes of lane hopping. It seemed as if they didn’t want me there and fair due it is a school swimming pool in any case!

I left with my tail between my legs wondering when the next swim was going to happen if at all once the school shuts. Sea swimming in saltwater isn’t the same as fresh, (well not exactly fresh) water swimming as in the Serpentine Lake.

The pondering goes on and given up hope with pool swimming for now.

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