I did it

Posted on: 13 Aug 2019

It has taken me a while to get round to writing about my Middle Distance Triathlon, mainly because I could not really believe I had completed it. It is one of those situation where even though you have done something you still feel like you’re not the sort of person who could do it.

The event was in the Cotswolds and we had to resister the day before so all the family went and we camped  the Saturday night in maybe the most noise campsite ever, with a party going on next to us and really bad traffic noise all night. I was not actually too concerned as I had not expect to sleep much anyway. The transition opened at 4 o’clock am so my alarm went off at 3.30 and I was not a happy person. In fact I was very grumpy up until it started to get light which did actually work quite well as it meant I was not nervous. Having hurt my ankle the plan was to swim, cycle walk the first loop and see how I feel after that. I had my phone and money in transition to sort myself out if I did pull out. The rest of the family were having a cooked breakfast, packing up the tent and then off to a National Trust property.

I was in the first wave of the swim and the lake looked lovely. After the start hoot I counted to 10 and then set off, the swim , which I have been worried about was really nice. No one dumped in to me and  I took my time and kept relaxed. Swim completed and I was a happy person. I walked slowly into transition to protect the ankle,  changed and off out on the bike.  As I was in the first wave now a lot of fast cyclists were passing me and I enjoyed the excitement of them streaming past, wow they are quick. At the first aid station at 20 miles I stopped used the loo and got a new bottle of water as well as another gel just in case. Then off again. The cycle had a couple of hills but nothing too much and by half way round the second loop there was only one or two of use cycling pretty much together and it felt more like a normal Sunday cycle. I finished the cycle in good time. So I had achieved my main aim of swim and cycle, so feeling happy. Again slowly walked into transition and changed into trainers and set off on the run, but walking. I walked for maybe the first half mile and then started a slow run. Ankle felt ok, so kept up a slow run and walked on any very uneven ground. I was pleased to see others walk/ running and decided to keep going unless my ankle was actually hurting. First lap fine, so I decided to set off one the second lap, all fine, so might as well do the last lap as it was only 4 miles and figured I could always walked it all. There was still plenty of people around me and  quite a few walking and a little group of us kept catching up with each other and having a chat. So a very slow last lap with stops at each aid station for crisp, drink and a chat and then with two miles to go a hug smile came over my face as I knew I would finish. Unbelievable I finished and some friends had waiting for me to cross the line which was lovely An amazing day, a huge day  and an unbelievable day. Ankle has been sore since but I am off on holiday later in the week so who cares.      

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