Forced Myself to Swim Today

Posted on: 28 Aug 2019

Friday 16th August – Forced Myself to Swim Today

The idea was to get into the pool slightly later than previous days to avoid the backend of the children’s sessions. They usually clear the pool leaving normally leaving a couple of adults swimming by 16:45.

It was a real, real struggle to get motivated to go today. It was a case of literally forcing myself to get out of the door and make tracks to the pool. To me, it felt like a major chore which I didn’t enjoy in the least. The only reason I went, in the end, was the thought of feeling very angry with myself if I didn’t go. It felt like putting my finger in the fire something more than uncomfortable, but you do it because it has to be done.

Most of the day, like previous days, my mind was preoccupied with the thought of the swim. The farm work cancelled as I spent most of the day in the kitchen making green tomato chutney and roasting peppers harvested recently. Despite being on task the swim was always in my head and thought of not wanting to go.

Today, I did my core muscle gym session before the swim, normally this is done afterwards. This was due to leaving later for the pool today. Perhaps I might do this before and after the swim from next week to build on the core muscles further. The pain with the fitness session is far worse than any swim session, but I enjoy that with the absence of water, bar the sweat of course.

Well, I had to get on with it now as the front door closed behind me. As I made my way down two flights of stairs and into the open air heading towards the school complex it felt like the hardest part of the day was done, namely deciding to go.

Arrival was around 16:30 and still a few sprinkling of children but this did not affect me as I shared a lane with another adult.

For some reason, my goggles get filling with water. Each length I had to stop, empty the water and tighten the goggles. This didn’t make any difference over the first half dozen lengths having to stop each time and repeat the process. Eventually, the problem was solved, but it remains a mystery as to why it took so long to get the goggles watertight.

Back to swimming, I was still trying to avoid colliding and using breaststroke to get by. There were a few occasions of freestyle but nothing continuous which was frustrating.

During this time it was very difficult to relax whilst swimming. The strokes in breaststroke had to be shortened on passing the swimmer in my lane and as I was close to the lane rope divider meant that to avoid persons in the next lane it had to be shortened as well. Not a natural stroke it has to be said most of the time. There was no time where a regular pattern could be achieved and it felt like I was just dodging people all the time. No comfortable and in a way rather panicky.

Eventually, I got a lane for myself, a nearside lane with the two water filters as hazards, but that would do me. Straight into freestyle and over 30 lengths non-stop. That equates to over half a kilometre. I stopped there happy with that albeit only comfortably and on autopilot on few of those lengths.

I had only been in the water 45 minutes today, but it might have been different I didn’t turn up.

One of the reasons I don’t feel comfortable it the feeling that my sinuses are full of liquid, I assume water. No matter how hard I try to clear my sinuses they remain blocked which feels like a form of claustrophobia. After each swim I find myself emptying my sinuses by blocking one nostril and blowing fluid out. This lasts for at least an hour plus after each session leaving a trail of ‘snot’ in the street all the way home.  (So unlike me.) Surely this doesn’t happen to all swimmers? If I can avoid my sinuses being filled up I think the comfort zone will kick in and I can sustain freestyle indefinitely.

So, to try and overcome this I will try a nose grip as that is obviously where the water enters to block the sinuses. I will now have to solely try and breathe out of my mouth, but worth a try next outing which will be at sea with a tow float for the first time.

Overall, relieved more than anything else I did the session today.

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