Lycra, Padding and shorts...... oh my!!!

Posted on: 27 Aug 2019

Yeah well I dont own a pair of cycling shorts!! Actually scratch that I dont own a pair of shorts apart from some fancy dress hot pants which are certainly not bike or public safe.  

Whilst I managed to cycle 20km in a normal pair of gym leggins without any soreness (yup I have a firm rear end) I though it might be best to get a pair of sexy cycle shorts as I start to ramp up the miles.  

So I shopped online because I am an impatient redhead and want things instantly and thats exatly what I got, My lovely builders accepted the next day delivery (that was  slightly embaressing).

  I dont think I realised just how un sexy cyling shorts were, Now I don't know if I have ordered a duff pair with giant padding so I now look like I have a baboons bum or if thats a normal thing?

Would it be slightly odd to ask some random cyclist if I can check their padding? Hmmmmm when I say it like that it does sound a bit creepy even for central London where anything goes.  

I may have to do some discreet checking whilst out and about (note the word discreet) and just go with them.  

Any cyclists reading this in the nicest way..........Does your padding make you look like you have a giant bum?? Is that normal??

Thanks for the read




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