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Posted on: 28 Aug 2019

Couch to 5k #4 Bank Holiday Monday

Complicated timings: Jog 2mins, 2 walk, 4 jog, 3 walk, 2 jog, 2 walk, 4 jog, 3 walk. With 5 mins warm up and cool down.

Total breakdown of electronics and brain unfortunately.  Phone is definitely on it’s last legs.  Had Runkeeper, MyRealBuzz and Charity Miles all running at the same time and after the first 2 mins running I attempted to take a photo and the phone died completely!  I walked around to the shade of a tree whilst waiting and hoping the phone would recover.  It did return, but Runkeeper had lost the program I had set up on it for the timings (along with every single program I had previously created [I have since realised that it’s completely reset itself and all running history has vanished]).  So I took time out to set it up again (minus the warmup and first set).  So with Runkeeper in my ear, Charity Miles on again (earlier bit was lost), Loaded up MyRealBuzz and off I went again… huffing and puffing my way around in an anti-clockwise direction.  I was on the last set when I remembered Garmin!  Totally forgot about it!  Really rather annoyed with myself!  I usually adhere to the ‘If it’s not on Garmin, it didn’t happen’ But in this case – it blinking did!  I have the Runkeeper to prove it!

Got home to discover I’d forgotten to start MyRealBuzz so totally reliant on the bit of Runkeeper that I managed to save.

Must have looked grumpy as I don’t recall any smiles on the way round.

Couch to 5k #5 Wednesday

The weather is certainly cooler, I left later as I’d been hoping for a drop of rain.  Today’s session was nice and simple to set up – Run 5 mins, Walk for 3 mins repeat 3 times.

Five mins warm up walk to Alexandra Recreation Park and proceeded in a clockwise direction.  Still huffing and puffing, think I set off a bit brisk as I got half way round and needed to slow considerably (but didn’t walk – until the voice said to!)  What did I say about it being cooler?  The sun shone it’s hottest and the wind died down considerably.  (sad face).  Finished off with a cool down walk home for 5+ mins.

According to Runkeeper (I know!  I finally got some split timings): First ‘Run’ was at 13:09mins, Second 14:58 and the last one: 13:48.  So the first one was the fastest even though I slowed down for the last half.

Today I spotted two magpies and I got one lovely smile with an accompanying ‘How Do!’ from a passer-by.

[I only loaded Runkeeper and Charity Miles today – but lost the Charity Miles somewhere].

Next session is due on Friday.  Haven’t as yet volunteered for Parkrun but there is still time.

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