Run #6 and #7 (still roughly 20mins)

Posted on: 03 Sep 2019

Couch to 5k #6 Friday

Well I’m not keeping up with this blog as much as I’d hoped but I think it’s beginning to look a bit samey anyway. 

Friday’s session was run for 8 mins and walk for 3 mins repeat.  Off to Alexandra Rec Park and went anti-clockwise.  As per usual I seemed to set off a bit fast but I managed to get round once at the slightly faster pace.  Thereafter I slowed to my usual Huff/Puff pace.  4 circuits in total.

Got one nice ‘Morning’ from a gentleman who beat me to it, just hope he heard my breathless response!   I passed a lady in a burkha a couple of times, on my final leg I passed her again and managed a huffy ‘Morning’.  She responded but added the question ‘are you alright?’  I gave her a thumb’s up.  Not long after my second 8 minutes were up and I continued with my final walk and then cool down.  Didn’t see her again.

The sun shone but the breeze made it bearable.

#7 Monday

Had to leave a little earlier than normal this morning as we had an appointment up town for our afternoon tea to belatedly celebrate our 38th anniversary.  Think the 9:30am dog walkers appear to be a miserable bunch as I didn’t get a single smile or ‘morning’ from any of them.

Today’s session was a big 10 mins run, walk 3 mins repeat.  I set off to the park and half way there remembered I hadn’t set up my Garmin!  So it was ready to start once I arrived.  Decided on clockwise today and as usual set off too fast (even though I’d tried to go slower).  Half way round the first circuit and I was at steam train puffing pace, I glanced at the Garmin and it said something like 10:34!  No wonder I could hardly breath! (according to Garmin my best pace today was 10:11min/mi).  I managed to slow down a little bit but just missed the full circuit before I had to slow to huff/puff pace instead. 

Think I managed almost five circuits today!  I did get a couple of greetings from the later dog walkers and a rather pleasant “Good Morning” from a very young man (may have been about 5yo?)  I did return it but I usually don’t talk to children – seems bad practice somehow.

The sun was getting quite warm by the time I was returning home (just after 10am)

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