Runs #8 and #9

Posted on: 07 Sep 2019

Couch to 5k #8 - Wednesday

Alexandra Recreation Park – Anti-Clockwise

Okay Ready: Runkeeper -On, MyRealBuzz – On, Charity Miles – On, Garmin – on (ish)

Brisk 5 min walk to the park. Then run 6 mins, walk for 3 mins repeat 4 times.  5 mins cool down (aka walk home).

Runkeeper recorded 3.16miles in total today so that’s my first 5k since May!  Okay it took 50 minutes in total but it’s still 5k!  About 6 circuits in total.

Managed to get a couple of greetings this morning but my favourite was from the chap in the motorised chair who added a ‘good luck’!

#9 – Friday

New phone has arrived!

ARP – CW today

Going to be a baptism by fire today.  Runkeeper On, Charity Miles On, Podcast On, MyRealBuzz On, Garmin – waiting for connection.  Off we go!

Almost at the park and runkeeper tells me it’s time to start my 12 minutes steady.  Made sure I was going at a gentle pace as I keep going too fast!  Today I mostly managed it.  Averaged 13:15 pace.  3 mins walk then a 10 mins run (average 13:36 pace - huff puff level with only a little bit of the steam engine).  So I was happy with that.  Final 3 min walk followed by the cool down walk home.

Today I had two ‘buddies’ a gentleman in a thick padded jacket and rucksack walking anti-clockwise and a lady in a long frock and a hijab I think, who was also walking anti-clockwise.  We exchanged greetings, smiles and waves at each passing.

Only spied one magpie all on his own today.

Once home, good news – new phone only lost 2% of it’s charge, bad news, I forgot to start MyRealBuzz  app so it was still waiting to go!  But I did manage to take a photo or two, so well chuffed with it so far.

Saturday – ParkRun Volunteer – Bar Code Scanning

This was my 22nd session.  Parkrun app worked beautifully on the new phone – until it was time to export the details and it refused to email it.  Managed it eventually by using a different email package!  We had 559 runners at today’s event, which included a local prep school (children and parents).  I also saw my old buddy Zi from Crystal Palace so it was nice being able to exchange a word or two with her.

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