Lessons learnt

Posted on: 01 Oct 2019

It's  been  a weird summer. I haven't managed to run any PBs, but  enjoyed the races l have entered.  I missed a half marathon, because I felt under pressure to do it.  I went back to 80-20 running which I really  enjoy  doing.  It's mainly easier running, with a few harder sessions built in.  I don't  think I  am getting faster, but I enjoy it, which is the main thing.  I did a 10 mile race in August which was one, two or three laps of a five  lap course.  I was aiming for two laps.  After  3 miles I still hadn't found  my running legs.  I  stopped and walked to the water  station.  After downing two cups of water and walking for another half a mile, I  started to feel so much better. This is where heart rate running becomes my friend.  I ran to a heart rate and took it steady up the hills (walked them). I completed the ten miles. I was the last one at the five mile mark, but overtook eight people.  I count that as a win. Hubby wasn't  very pleased.  He  got bitten very badly.

Last weekend I did the Tissington  Trail  half marathon.  What can I  say.  Lack of training, lack of sleep and lack of food.  As soon  as I knew I was going to struggle I  ran to heart rate  again.  That only gets you to eleven miles without the long runs at the weekends. I  haven't  been well and missed two weeks of easy running and four weeks of long runs and it showed.  I did that walking fast for a bus with a little jog at times type of run. The main thing is I finished.

I am winding down now, ready for my holiday. I'm not running whist on holiday.  It isn't something I  do and I am not starting now.  Besides there is a lot of traveling and walking, so I  won't be putting my feet up.

Racing season is almost over for me.  Just  a ten mile race in November and then building up my stamina over the winter and then who knows.

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