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Posted on: 08 Nov 2019

So now that we know each other....

shall we move on with the training blog? Yes? Good. Let's go then!

Having been slowly plotting my return to marathon running over the past month or two, I have been out a handful of times 'testing'. Let me tell you, these tests have not had spectacular results. Worryingly bad actually. My first Parkrun in 6 years saw me unable to jog (consistently) for more than three quarters of a mile....ouch!

However, with some running experience I know that Rome doesn't get built in a day and I've kept pluggling away in the background away from prying eyes. Being a (ahem) curvier chap I can be initially self conscious when running so most of my 'test' training runs have been confined to a deserted industrial estate where only lorry drivers can see me. Once I'm of a certain ability, I'll break away from the industrial estate kindergarten and onto the roads. This self consciousness isn't entirely unfounded and I have had all kinds shouted at me from passing cars, 'You fat b*stard' being a perennial favourite. As my ability grows this bothers me less and less and once I'm putting in serious mileage, it actually makes me chuckle and spurs me on. Whacha gonna do? Haters gonna hate.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling. The point is that my test runs have slowly been getting easier and on bonfire night, I had 'the' run that gave me some hope. At a mere 3.2 miles, it was no marathon but the fact that I could've gone further and still felt ok at the end showed me that progress was being made.

Fast forward to yesterday and the grim north had a month's rainfall in one day and I’ll be honest, when I looked out of the window that morning, I didn’t care too much for running...so it was out with the bike.

However, as I got wetter than a beaver’s gonads with my unmentionables frozen to my inner thigh, the jury is out as to what would have been the more sensible choice.

BUT, the important thing is that I got out there. After all, if you use the Great British weather as an excuse not to train, you will almost never get anything done. So that’s an 8.3 mile bike ride in the bag at just under an hour. 

Until next time folks (and perhaps next time I will actually run?) I’m signing off.

Peace & love,
Tubby Runster x

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