It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me....

Posted on: 11 Nov 2019

....and I'm feeling good!

In a stark contrast to the baltic bike ride last week, Sunday couldn't have been more perfect for a run. Not too cold, not too hot (Goldilocks would've approved) and the sun was out on a bright blue sky. If I couldn't perform on a day like today, I never would.

A blog comment on my post last week from fellow Real Buzzer, Hope_Mountain_Runner was ringing in my ears. That being, 'You don’t belong trapped on that industrial estate - the world is yours for the taking!' So I broke free from my running crèche on said industrial estate and headed for the open road. I chose a run I used to love, one that took me across Haydock Park racecourse with great views and on a day like Sunday was, particularly so.

I had secretly hatched a plan ( which I kept secret from my conscious mind) that I would try for my longest run of 2019. As an aside, does anyone else split their brain in two and promise one half of your mind that you'll stop at the next lampost, whilst secretly plotting to continue with the other half of your mind....or is it just me?

Anyhoo, the split personality tactic worked and when I could've headed for home I went the other way and extended my run, and kept doing so until my 'secret' objective had been fulfilled. 

Long story short; this was my longest continuous run since mid 2015 at 4.65 miles. Slow, yes...but hey, this is marathon not a sprint! I am now well on schedule for my objective of being able to run 6 miles at the start of the 23 week training plan.

And just to prove sh*t has got serious, that training plan is now attached to our kitchen wall along with an expectant pen!

I'll be back out on Saturday with a target of 5 miles but shhhh, don't tell my mind, I think he knows something's afoot.

Peace & love,

The Tubby Runster

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