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Posted on: 20 Nov 2019

Well its a long while since I blogged, but the running has continued. I have to say that I do now have the t-shirt (of the club i joined) and have completed 13 Parkruns. Hmmm I seem to remember saying clubs/Parkruns were not really my cup of tea 😂 oh well, they seem to be going down ok!!

I'm still slow, but my last Parkrun (a slip slidey muddy one) was faster than I ran the pre-launch test run on the course (the perks of being a club member!) back in September when it was dry and not slippery so I must be getting a little better 😃

Must now catch up on some of the other blogs; gonna try & be more commenty and bloggy - but dont hold your breath! 😉

Post Parkrun 🤣🤣

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