Slowing down

Posted on: 10 Dec 2019

I rather stupidly signed up for a 1000 mile challenge in January.  Less  than 100 miles per month.  How hard could it be? 


I plodded through the year  and reached the beginning of September and had a target of 3.5 miles a day. Still doable IF I hadn't been  full of cold for the best part of six weeks. 

I hit November with a total of 128 miles. I was knackered.

I still had to cover a whopping 4.5 miles a day in December.  It was still doable,  but I have called it a day.

And now  I  feel  great.  Not pressure.  No doing the maths while running to make sure I am on target.

Freedom.  I am  not signing  up next year and will probably achieve 1000 miles.

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