First post!

Posted on: 07 Jan 2020

My first ever blog post on my London Marathon prep! Wooo! 

I´m gonna keep this one pretty short as I´m going to try to post something on here as often as I can. I have started training and it´s going really well. I´ve also decided to up the ante and go complete dry until the Marathon so I know that I´ll have given it my all when I cross the finish line on April 26th. 

I´m a pretty seasoned runner, I have been consistently running at least 3 times a week for at least 6-7 years, before that I was always a runner but perhaps a little more sporadic. In the last 2 or so years I´ve increased my running a lot and have done several half races, with my personal best in a half last year at 1hr 41min which I was very happy with. 

So I started prepping for the marathon a bit before Christmas, but I dropped the milage down a bit over the holidays (warning I´ll be talking in Kilometers on this because even after a decade in the UK I still can´t work miles completely) but last week I clocked 51.5km running 5 days of the week with some strenght and sauna as well. This week is a little easier before we increase the workload next week. It´s so encouraging to see how I´m getting better every Tempo and Threshold workout I do, and I´ll post after them and explain what their purpose is when I do them. 

Today I ran home from work with my friend Sophie, chatting all the way. Those kind of easy runs are super vital according to my coach, who prescribes plenty of them in my plan. The only way to mess them up is to go too fast, so I try to keep my pulse down and almost feel like I haven´t even done a 10km run after I finish. The purpose of these workouts is to help the body seek energy from its fat storage rather than glycogen (carbs) which will help during a marathon. It´s also just necessary for the mind not to go super hard every single workout, I love my easy runs because I can just put on a podcast or audiobook and enjoy. 

Well this was supposed to be a short one, turns out I have a lot of thoughts regarding this, so keep reading, I´ll be posting a few times a week! Only 109 days to go!!! 

Ps: check out my fundraising page and if you could donate just a little to Teenage Cancer Trust, I would be eternally grateful 


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