New year New challenge

Posted on: 27 Jan 2020

Saturday 26th saw me doing my first event of the year, wasn't sure how things would go as the week before I had gone flying through the air resulting in a sprained ankle, spent all week making sure that it was looked after, the morning started with the brief, then after the juniors had done there swim we made our way to the pool, I was in The first wave but by the time I had finished my 12lengths the next was had been in and out, all I wanted to do was very but carried on once out side I started to put on my best, shorts and trainners, only to find that my best got twisted up  my back, lucky one of the Marshall came over to help, of I went know I f that I should had been walking, but with my ankle feeling g  so Good and strong that I ran the whole 3k. Results had me right down the bottom finishing in 30.15 .

Now to work on my swimming with the next race 1st March.

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