Did you miss me? I am back, and I am very proud of myself!

Posted on: 02 Feb 2020

Hello folks.

I used to post here regularly, but I haven't, for ages. The reason for that is probably bit weird: I was looking for another job, and I didn't want to talk about it. I was sort-of worried that someone where I work might find out about it, before I was ready to tell them. i have had loads of interviews, but they all said "No, go away, you are rubbish!", so I was really depressed.

Plus we stopped our gym membership - it was very expensive, and I was earning a lot less than I used to. Mr Flump joined a cheaper gym closer to home, but it is really just weights, whereas I used all the cardio stuff. I promise that I did sort-of keep up my exercise-bike stuff (although probably not as often as I should have done!).

But now, I don't mind if they find out. I will hand in my notice, in the morning. :-)

I had three interviews last week. Two were on Wednesday, and one on Friday. Wednesday seemed to go OK, but I got one rejection on Thursday. I had a third interview on Friday. Again, it seemed to go OK, but they said they had lots more people to interview, so it might be a while efore I heard. I went home, and sat down with my lunch, watching telly, feeling flat.

Then the phone rang. "Hello, it's Mrs Lovely from this morning. We really enjoyed our session this morning, and would like to offer you the job!" :-) :-) :-)

As this is an exercise blog, I should tell you that the reason I am really proud of myself, though, is because, this afternoon, I got my exercise bike out. I normally sit on it (pedalling hard, I promise!), watching something like Grey's anatomy for forty-five minutes. But today, I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. That was two hours ten minutes, and I was pedalling the whole time - OK, yes, I was not pedalling hard, but still, I am very proud of myself. :-) (And knackered - ooh, my legs are tired!)

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