I went for a run! (No, not a real one...)

Posted on: 11 Feb 2020

I haven't been able to run for years, because of my bad hips. There have been a few times recently when I have had to run, to catch a train. It has only been for a few hundred metres, but still! For my current job, the train home has a three-minute connection, with a change of platforms, *if* it is on time (which, surprise surprise, it usually isn't). Or there is a four-minute change, to a slower, stopping, train. I normally nip into town, to pop into the supermarket, in which case I am not too bothered. But tonight, the first train was just delayed by a couple of minutes, and I decided to try to catch the stopping train. I did another run tonight. :-)

Then, once i got home, I decided to pull out the exercise bike. I normally pop on an old Grey's Anatomy, which gives me forty-five minutes. But tonight, QTKT was watching a sort-of film, with Drew Barrymore in - something about her being a ghost. I thought it would be a bit rude of me to ask her to turn it off... So I decided to cycle to the second half of the random film-thing she was watching.

So, I pedalled for an hour. The film was utter rubbish, but hey, I pedalled along (fairly energetically, I promise!). I got the time almost exactly right, so I only had a couple of minutes of the news channel at the end.

I am pleased with myself. :-)


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