New year New challenge

Posted on: 17 Feb 2020

Last week had me on 12th, 2x100warm up rest 20sec after each 100m, 2x50m swim with pull buoy rest 30sec after each 50m, kick moderate pace rest 30 sec after each 25m, 4x50m moderate pace, rest 20 sec after each 50 m with 200m easy cool down. 800m covered

Then 2days later I was back in the pool, 250m easy warm up, 4x50m pull buoy rest 30sec after each 50m, 4x25m fast kick rest 20sec after each 25m that was fun 2x25m fast swim rest 30sec after each 25m 100me win my best effort Bob stop, 300m easy cool down ending up 750m total distance covered.

am pleased that I went and got a adults size kickboard as did find that my grandsons was just a bit to small.

my next lot of sessions will have me doing 1000m distance, so pleased I've got the week off 😀 also I will be adding in some runs ready to my aquthlon event 1st March.

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