Oh well, if I can't go out...

Posted on: 04 Apr 2020

Hello, folks. I haven't written in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been exercising.

I started a new job a months ago. :-) It is doing admin, in a university. I used to be a university lecturer, so I know the university system well, and since I had to move over into admin, I really wanted a job doing admin in a university. Unfortuately, although I had loads of interviews, I was never offered a job, which was really getting me down. But :-) In February (just after my last blog post, actually), I was offered a job at a good university in London. I had to serve my four weeks notice, and then I started my new job ... only a week before the university had to close the building, because of this horrible Covid virus. :-( It is awful. I am not too scared, for myself and my family - they have closed the schools, and Mr Flump and I are fine working at home. If I was still in my old job, I would still need to go in to work each day, as they are Essential Workers, so I am really lucky that I can work at  home now, but obviously it is very weird being part of a new department, but not really knowing them yet. I am so lucky that I don't have to get the tube every day. my next-door neighbour works in a supermarket, so she still has to go to work every day, and I feel so sorry for her, it must be really scary.

Anyway, this is an exercise blog, isn't it? Well, I have been being very goo - I have got my Fitbit to well over 10,000 steps most days (15,00 today :-) ), but that is from both going out for a long-ish walk, and doing a good long cycle. I am lucky, there are decent places to walk around here, not very interesting, but also almost empty of people. My youngest daughter, QTKT (who is fifteen), sometimes comes with me, but just recently she has been going for a run on her own, instead. :-) That is entirely off her own back, she just decided to do it, and she is clearly getting better, quickly - she is apparently not having to take too many walk breaks now! My eldest daughter was regularly going to the gym, until it was closed the other week. She now goes for long walks, on her own, and occasionally runs.

Anyway, I have been working (here at home) from 8-ish to 4-ish each day, and then dragging my exercise bike out, and pedalling along for at least a 45 minute session most days (so, watching an old Grey's Anatomy), but I have also done several one hour sessions (watching Good Omens), and today I did an hour and a half, watching Goodfellas. I was lucky - Mr Flump insisted on us taking a break after an hour and a half, because he had something to do. I was completely worn out by then, and my legs are really tired, so I am glad I didn't cycle for the whole film. We will watch the rest tonight, with dinner.

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