Posted on: 05 Apr 2020

I did it! For the first time in years, I went for a run. :-)

It was a pathetic short run - only half a mile, and with a couple of little walky bits. However, I was doing the walking because I thought I should, not because I needed to.

It was on the route that I walk to the station, so I am very familiar with it. When I used to run, that was the beginning of my 'Station-Stompond' route (going towards the station to begin with, but then going backwards and forwards a bit, and ending up going along Stompond Lane). I did enjoy it - it felt so good to be running again :-)

It was less than ten minutes, and was only a little over half a mile (so ridiculously slow). But hey, I did it!

Now then, what will happen next? Will my legs hurt like hell tomorrow? Will I be able to do it again? I hope so! (The going again, not the hurting!)

Once I was back home after my very very short run, I jumped on the exercise bike, and popped on the first 'Yes, minister' (which I bought for my fifteen-year-old, several years ago - she decided that she loved it, and I felt that this was something to be encouraged, as it shows her good taste!). Only half-an-hour, but I figured that, with the run beforehand, that was as good as my usual forty-five minutes.

I will have to see how the exercise goes this week: I will be working-at-home, on my new job, again. I am tending for go for an 8-ish-'til-4-ish day, which means that I can jump on the bike at four. I would like to do 45 minutes, or an hour, every day. Will I? We shall see.

I have a FitBit, and for every day (for ages now!), I try and make sure I go over 10,000 steps. I was pleased to see that my new job should certainly give me that every day, but I have now been working-from-home for three weeks. I normally make sure I go out for a decent walk every day. I really hope they don't stop us doing that daily exercise, as the headlines seem to be threatening. I will still get exercise from riding my bike, but I really like being able to go out for a good energetic walk, as well. It makes me very angry seeing that so many people are breaking the new rules - but if you don't see people with this Covid thing, I guess you normally don't think that the dangers apply to you.

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