I was a bit silly last night!

Posted on: 28 Apr 2020

My fifteen-year-old daughter has taken up running (entirely off her own back - neither myself of Mr Flump, who is a very keen runner and triathlete, talked her into it, she has just been going out on her own most days. She said that she needed something to occupy herself with, during this lock-down).

I used to be a keen (but very slow!) runner, untile my hip gave out on me a couple of years ago. For a good long while now, I have been regularly using my exercise bike, but not running.

On Sunday, I decided to go out with her, but just on a short run. Last night (once I had finished my day 'working-at-home'), I was planning to go a bit further, but I hadn't really talked to her about it. We just set off, and nattered a bit. She said we were going to run for one minute, and walk for one minute. We set off up the hill. I thought we would stop after a bit, and turn around. but we didn't. She told me which route she wanted to go, and I thought "Hmmm....". We were going gently, run-walk-run-walk. I am not sure how long it was for, but maybe about twenty minutes.

Then, when I got home, I dragged my exercise bike out, for half an hour.

So, I was rather pleased with myself, last night.

Now I am worried about my bum. How long will it take me to recover? Will I? Can I go for more runs like that? Ooh, I wonder. Oh well, we shall see.

Oooh, my bum hurts! I took a nice bath, and stretched in there, which really helped after Sunday's run.

Now I am feeling that I was really, really stupid, to run so far. 

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