I am the Rider Of the Lost Ark!

Posted on: 06 Jun 2020

Oof, I am knackered!

During this lock-down, I have cycled for forty-five minutes, or an hour, almost every day.  This is only on an exercise-bike - remember, I am 'blind' - only officially, in reality I am only 'visually impaired'. I figure that, well, if I don't have to waste time walking to and from the station each day, and the sitting on a train, I have no excuse for not getting plenty of exercise! Normally I watch something like Grey's Anatomy, but every weekend now, I try and watch a film, so I am cycling for two hours.

This afternoon, I rode my exercise bike for two hours*, watching Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  I really enjoyed it (the cycling, and the film). I am so old, I saw it at the cinema, when it first came out, in the early eighties. It was really nice, and a bit nostalgic, to watch it again. It is great to be able to get films like that, digitally! I had forgotten the ending, when the ark dissolves all the Germans who are trying to steal it. Ugh!

Before I started cycling, I did my sit-ups, press-ups, dumb-bell lifts, and physio exercises (for my poor hips, which are the reason I hardly ever run, now).

I have a FitBit, which I have had for years. I aim for 10,000 steps a day, which I almost always get - during the lock-down, while I am not commuting to work, I have been going out for a half-hour-or so walk, every day. When I am on the bike, it usually increases my steps (although it can be unpredictable - I mean, it doesn't count if I am leaning forward, even a little bit, so if I have my hands on the handlebars). Anyway, today I have got to 16,000. 5,000 of that was normal stuff, and walking down to the supermarket this morning, to get stuff for dinner for a couple of days. 

* I said two hours. The film was actually slightly less than two hours, but to make it up, when it ended, I popped on the news, which was incredibly depressing. There have been loads of Black Lives Matter demonstrations, here in the UK as well as in the States , and I am thoroughly in support of what they are saying, but now is not a safe time to be protesting in large groups. Remember Covid-19, guys! If there are just a few infectious people in those groups, we are going to see some horrible effects on the other protesters. And their families, and the people they work with. :-( There is already a disadvantage, as BAME people are at more of a risk, so having a large group where most of the people are black is horribly dangerous. I really, really hope that it doesn't cause infections for people, but I think it probably will. :-(

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