Woooo, I ran for a whole half-an-hour! :-)

Posted on: 28 Jun 2020

During the last couple of weeks, I have not been getting much exercise – my exercise bike died on me. :-(  I obviously wore it out completely, as I had been riding it for an hour every day during this horrible Covid lockdown (just in front of the television, during the ties I would normally have spent commuting :-) ). Mr Flump took it apart, but it appeared to be unfixable. I ordered a new one last week :-), but I haven’t yet got anything to say how long it will be before it arrives. :-(  I have been making sure that I go over 10,000 steps on my FitBit each day – I just feel like this lockdown could easily be really, really lazy. I normally went easily to 10,000, just walking to and from the train station, and then getting to the office, etc. but during the lockdown, I don’t want to spend all day every day just sitting here, on my laptop.

Anyway, I had a rather unusual start to the morning – yesterday, I agreed with QTKT that we would go out for a run today. We haven’t done that for a while (mainly as she often goes for her run quite late in the evening, which is too late for me). We agreed that we would go at eight. So I set my alarm late, at 7:30 (after all, it is a Sunday, so I deserved a lie-in!). When I came downstairs, I was unsurprised to find her already up (she is normally up well before me, even during the week).

So, we had a cup of tea, then I quickly pulled my running gear on, brushed my teeth, popped a few splashes of water on my head, to try to calm down my early-morning hair monstrosity, and then we were off.

We went for half-an-hour. I took a route I used to do regularly, although we didn’t get as far as I used to. But hey, this was only my third run for ages, and this was the first one where I actually ran the whole way. QTKT was fairly impressed with me – but then, I was, too!

I was worried about how my legs would feel after the last run (which was twenty minutes). They were fine. I am embarrassed to see how long ago that run was. :-( Oh well, we shall see how they feel tomorrow. 

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