Days 7 and 8 in the UK 200k Ultra Challenge

Posted on: 08 Jul 2020

Day #7 - 5 miles ACW in CPP Total to date: 52.7km 147.3km left Missed typing this yesterday so I'll do both together  Weather quite hot. Anti clockwise managed 2 small circuits. Needed to save some energy for furniture moving at mums in the late afternoon.  Proved far move difficult than planned, but we eventually moved Mums single electric uppy downie bed into the other bedroom. Totally wiped out.  Day #8 6.2miles CW in CPP  Total to date: 62.7km 137.3km left Clockwise 3 times round Crystal Palace Park.  Felt tired today and the muggy rain made it hard going. Plenty of people exercising today a sweet old lady using two walking sticks to get along with her little dog. I gave her a thumbs up when I passed her again and she returned it with a lovely smile. On my first circuit I noticed a small filming unit near the rusty laptop (open air stage). Second circuit they were packing away, 3rd circuit they were gone.  Runkeeper stopped talking to me and I had to start it again so I lost track of how far I'd gone. So had no idea I'd managed a 10k so well chuffed, shame it had been so slow but I am built for distance not speed! 

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