Ooh, my bum hurts now!

Posted on: 09 Jul 2020

Sorry, I didn’t post at the time – but my new exercise bike arrived on Tuesday. :-) It was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but I was thrilled that it arrived a day early. So I cycled for forty-five minutes on Tuesday. Then yesterday, my husband gave an online research seminar – academics are normally invited to give these at universities, but of course that isn’t happening, during lock-down. So he gave it from his office (which is actually just a posh shed in the garden- a third of it is full of a work-bench, and storage shelves, a third of it is one of his bikes, on a bike-trainer (where he regularly cycles for an hour or so, sometimes on some very hilly courses!), and a third of it is his desk, with his computer). I happily watched him give his seminar (which was on sexual selection, in insects), and then I rode for a bit longer, watching telly, so I did an hour and a half in total.

While I didn’t have an exercise bike, I started doing some sort-of-aerobic-y exercise videos, on YouTube. I was not really enjoying these that much, as they seemed rather gentle. As some of them used a ‘step’, I thought I would treat myself to one of those, so I could do those routines, which I thought would be harder work (and so better for me!).

The step arrived yesterday, so this afternoon, once I had finished work (which I am luckily able to do here at home, on my laptop – this means that I don’t have to waste time commuting, so I tend to start early, and finish early :-) ), I dragged my step out, and popped a video on. It was an hour long, and I really enjoyed it – it was designed to be the first step workout, so she talked us through it. I really enjoyed it, and oooh, my bum hurts, now! I think I need a nice warm bath.


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