Harry Potter and the Very Silly Cyclist

Posted on: 11 Jul 2020

Ooch! My bum hurts!

As it is a Saturday, I had plenty of spare time. So, this afternoon, I decided to cycle along to a film. I chose Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I just plonked my (nice, new!) exercise bike in front of the television, and cycled along to the film. However, as it got towards two hours, I decided that I wasn’t sure how much of the film was left, so I decided to stop at two hours, and then stretch and stuff for the rest of the film.

Ooh, my bum hurts!

But I am pleased with myself.

How do those professional cyclists manage that, on the road, all day long? Yes, obviously, I am going ridiculously slower than them. But two hours seemed like a very long time. The idea of doing that, hard, for seven hours - eek!!


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