Days 12 & 13 both runs

Posted on: 13 Jul 2020

Total to date: 107.8km 92.2km left.  Woo Hoo over half way! Beginning to believe I can do this!  Sun 12th went to Crystal Palace Park and travelled one extended circuit clockwise.  Too hot and too many people.  On the top level there was a lady giving a salsa lesson between two sphinxes to a rather lathargic bunch of dances. At the bottom just before I left the park, there was an enthusiastic bunch holding hands in a circle giving it their all in the name of Jesus.  Mon 13th Headed up the hill of CPP in an anti clockwise direction then deviated from the usual route. Crossed the road and took in Betts Park (had a 'sprint' along the canal which knackered me for the rest of the run) very slight diversion at the Croydon Rd end due to police tape and a forensic team (possible shooting)  Then onto South Norwood Country Park. Had my water bottle in hand (it's a weapon) took a clockwise route round the lake and headed out.  Oh nearly got run over by an extremely noisy motorised scooter - not even sure they're allowed!  Headed back over the road to do a circuit entirely on grass of Maberley Playing Field. Then the long slow trudge back up the road to return to complete the circuit of CPP.  Then home.  Some smiles,  a wave or two, some giving way and a fair chunk in the road to avoid walkers.  But a satisfying run. Just not sure I'd do it again, but never say never. 

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