Days 14 & 15 one walk one run

Posted on: 15 Jul 2020

Total to date: 129.1km 70.9km left.  Tues 14th Walk to Harvington Estate (it's the park we found the other day). We took a few wrong turns but got there in the end. I had a sit down on the grass while Alan went off to get a selfie with the street sign Monks Way.  Lovely walk through the woods, got to see the Beck in its natural state and I also got to hug the most splendiferous tree.  Two different totals for the walk 7 miles on Google fit and 6.4 miles on Garmin. Totally shattered by the time we got home.  Wed 15th Run Clockwise CPP Three small circuits of Crystal Palace Park plus one of the cricket field.  Not so many out and about but still had to give way to a group of pedestrians and a goalie.  Some sort of photoshoot was taking place outside CPP Station. By the third circuit the two chaps had both full face blacks masks on, combined with the heavy beat / rap music being played on a ghetto blaster, made them quite sinister looking. I may have said "Ooh scarey" out loud but don't think they heard me.  Finished my planned 10k then made my way home.  Still knackered from yesterday. 

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