Days 16 & 17 one walk one run

Posted on: 17 Jul 2020

Total to date: 142km 58km left.  Thurs 16th Walk day. Spied a park on the map that we hadn't been before so headed over there early.  Started with a short walk along the canal then through the business park. But found the wee park and quite secluded and peaceful it was too. (apart from the traffic noise from the main road behind the flats and shops!)  Made it back home in time for our Asda delivery then I had a blood done session booked in the afternoon. Only 4 chairs due to social distance so eerily quiet!  Fri 17th Alan's birthday. Went out too late again. It was getting very hot and this seems to bring the masses out (but not as bad as the weekend)  Lots of dodging and weaving across the pathways to remain socially distant but only one breach when a pair of yummy mummies with their bloody buggies didn't give me much room to pass so I just increased my speed.  I found the session really hard work had planned 3 circuits but called it a day after two. I'm blaming the donation yesterday - I had been warned to avoid the sun and strenuous activities. Oh well 7.7km was the minimum for today and I managed 7.6km so can't grumble. 

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