Posted on: 09 Oct 2020

Remember me? I used to post here all the time, but I haven't, for ages. I used to run, but I had to quit, because my hips gave out on me. :-( (I turned fifty-one last week, but clearly my hips think I am much older. :-( ). 

Anyway, I bought myself an exercise bike, a few years ago. (Remember, I can't ride a 'real' bike, because of the 'Traumatic Brain Injury' which I received in 2005, when I fell off a bicycle in France, and had to spend eight months in hospital. I lost several years of memory - my husband used to bring two little girls into hospital, to see me. I knew the toddler, but I didn't know why there was a cute baby, too. Our second daughter had only been eight months old when I had my accident - and she will turn sixteen tomorrow! Because of the accident, I am officially registered as blind, and although in reality I can see well enough for most things, it is certainly not enough to drive, or to ride a bike. Hence the exercise bike.

I loved that exercise bike, but it died, in the end. :-( I bought myself a replacement this summer. I just drag it in front of the telly, and cycle for, well, usually forty-five minutes (an episode of Grey's Anatomy, or Buffy The Vampire Slayer), or I do it whole film on the weekend.

I also have a FitBit, and I have traditionally insisted on getting over ten-thousand steps a day. Well, I used to, walking to-and-from the train station, and then walking to-and-from the other station to my office. But since March, I have been working-from-home. But still, a combination of walking down to the supermarket, and forty-five minutes or an hour on the exercise bike, would take me over 10,000 steps, every day. :-)

However, for some reason, my right knee really hurts, now. This just appeared a week ago. It hurts to walk. :-( Hey, it even hurts just to sit here. :-( So, I can't ride my bike, I can't go for a walk, I can't use my 'Step'. I can't get any exercise. :-( I am going to turn into a big fat blob. :-( (And come on, I wasn't skinny, even in my marathon-running days!)

I have no idea what the problem is, what caused it, how long it will last, and whether there is anything I can do, to fix it. So I am not very happy. :-(


But this week, I have a real pain behind my right knee.

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