10th anniversary of my blog

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

I couldn't think of a snappy title disappointingly but it does what it says on the tin!

Well that last 10 years has flown by so as the saying goes then I must have been having fun!

It was November 2010 when I decided to blog about my experience of training for my first ever marathon having got the ballot result in the previous October.

It’s now November 2020 and having logged into the site for the first time in ages I realised my last post was just after completing my second London Marathon in 2019.

In between the two London Marathons I have fitted in five other marathons and somewhere on this site are the blogs about those plus countless other things I have had a go at.

A great thing about running is that it builds and maintains a level of fitness (if you keep it up) that gives the confidence to try all different games.

From memory (haven’t got time right now to read all the previous blog posts) I can think of all the other things in the past ten years that I have tried out so here goes:

Track and Field – Running on the track I have had a couple of seasons of sprinting, 100m, 200m, and 400m, middle distance 800m, 1500m and the good old-fashioned mile and then slightly longer 3000m and 3000m steeplechase.  Different results amongst them but when I look at my best age graded performances, they are all here so distance running is not my natural sport, the shorter efforts suit my physical makeup it would seem.

Field events has encompassed all jumping, long, high and triple.  Long jump is what got me back into track and field as I remembered it was fun back at school sports day.  A few trainings sessions and I was soon out competing, that’s when you realise that athletics can be a team event.  It only takes someone not being able to compete on the day in their discipline and volunteers are quickly needed to compete for team points.  That is how I ended up on occasions throwing a javelin or discus.  Note that the really dangerous stuff I have managed to avoid, namely hammer, hurdles and pole vault.  Any of those even if you just get it a little bit wrong could cause serious damage and pain!

Cross country – I have written previously about how I just don’t enjoy cross country but somehow the last couple of seasons I have run a few, including the County Championships (Masters) and (Covid permitting) the spikes will see an outing or two if this season does get underway.  I doubt that I will ever go for the Blue Riband at Parliament Hill, the National or Southern Championship course as the men’s event is a punishing 15k and I don’t think I would make the cut off.  But never say never...

Duathlon and Triathlon – Multi sport races are taxing on the mind and body, a different sort of challenge which is why I have never really had a good performance.  Duathlon, well it’s running and cycling my two main hobbies so what’s the problem?  I can’t think why I struggle but it’s most likely the game in my mind that causes the difficulty.  As for triathlon, I have had a few attempts and the verdict is it’s as bad on the mind as duathlon, but my rubbish swimming makes it worse!

My cycling can be broken down into four categories:

Road – Lycra clad (MAMIL) the distances that can be covered help keep the freshness, unlike running where it’s harder to get far from home and pounding familiar routes.

Mountain biking – Probably my favourite of them all, always great fun going off road, and terrifying on some rocky descents but the adrenaline rush can be phenomenal.  Some notable injuries have occurred and the cracked rib courtesy of a nasty fall in South Wales will never leave me, I can still feel it today!

Track – I haven’t had a lot of experience but have had a few sessions at the Lee Valley Velodrome and realise that as well as needing power in the legs (mine are too skinny) there is a lot of technical skill needed to be successful.  It’s good fun and I would recommend a taster session.

Cyclocross – Another where I have limited experience, again it requires a lot of technique as well as being fast and it is good, often muddy, fun too.

I have also played netball, just the one tournament, which the base level of fitness from running gave me the confidence to join in.  

The fitness is the thing that matters, as long as I have a level of fitness then I know that even if I am not going to be good at something at least I won’t give up due to being worn out and can keep going to the end.

The past ten years has also meant that I have been lucky enough to have joined in with some great events with the people that I have got to know through this site.

You know who you are so I won’t list names (there’s so many names anyway it would take ages!).

If it wasn’t for you great inspirational band of Buzzers I would not have run parkruns in Dulwich or Fulham Palace, ran my first sub 4hr marathon in York and would never have dreamt of running the HU5k.  Who had even heard of Hawkesbury Upton? Yet this has become a must do fixture every year now.

Oh and I mustn’t forget the Great Oggie Run, bringing people together for fabulous causes.

I think that I have gone on enough for now, maybe this is my last blog post, is the ‘new’ Realbuzz club going to be the same?

So I shall finish by mentioning the amazing support from amazing people especially at the speed camera during the 2019 London Marathon and I have found some pictures from the last ten years to share below.

I wrote this over a week ago, forgot to publish but here it is now!


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