A weekend in tandem

Posted on: 09 Feb 2021

Afternoon all.

An update on the weekend’s running.

Well, what can I say?  Think Morecambe and Wise, Ginger and Fred, and so many others – there are some partnerships that are just meant to be.  For running me, it is me and Dave who can often be found out on the trails together.  And so it was this weekend, and mighty fine it was too.

Of course, we have some history together and it is rare that we ever go on a run without mentioning that weekend, now all the way back in 2015, when we became centurions together.  And so it was this weekend too; we retraced some (not many, but some) of the steps that we took as we did the Cotswold Way 102 – fond memories, painful too of course, but overridingly fond.

This weekend we were in the saddle together on two runs; they were, in our vernacular, short – short nowadays means 10 miles if you’re talking trails.  What madness is this?  How can that be short, my younger, pre-running self, would ask incredulously.

The reason we didn’t want to go “long” as of course we have a 50K run this weekend, the One Love weekend organised by Centurion Running.  So, it’s almost like a taper was in order.

Saturday was the good old Tresham loop.  I suspect I am guilty of saying “this is the run I would take people on to show why I love trails” quite a lot, but there really is nothing but truth in that statement and so why not repeat it?  Showcase climbs (anything that’s on the Cotswold Way, and what we have named Burma Road – a concrete farm track climb up into Tresham), wonderful descents (the Monarch Way drop down from Tresham), and amazing views (pretty much the whole route).

So, with good company and all that’s fab about trail running as well, Saturday went well.  We also got a bonus meeting with my cousin Francois.  He was out with Robin his dog.  He’s also doing the 50K and so was tapering with a 50K – I kid you not!  The lad is younger than me, and lots of legs and lungs and as a result posts crazy distances done at even crazier paces.

Saturday afternoon was rugby; well, I wish I hadn’t bothered!  Glaws lost again and are still rooted to the foot of the table.  I never thought I would see another game that afternoon that would make their efforts look good, but then along came England’s shambolic effort in the 150th Calcutta Cup.

From that lowlight though came the highlight of the PTA quiz (Zoomed of course).  With the Coopers, we came second and that was commendable enough.  Some fab takeaway pizzas from the newly reopened Fox and then a later catch up with the Williams and Parkers made for a good night…

..and also a boozy one.  I have hardly been drinking recently, especially by my somewhat bacchanalian history.  So, a few bottles of beer and then a bottle of red meant that I had a measured start to Sunday.

Fortunately, Dave was in the same boat and so we agreed on a later start than normal.  The Sunday route needed to be easterly in the first instance, as that was the way a bitter wind was coming from.  I even wore headgear, a sure sign indeed of a cold blow!  Into Badminton Estate, Roach Lane, Roman Camp and home.  All very nice, all good to help keep the legs ticking over until the long one this weekend.

On a yard, one and all.

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