Flippin'eck, I am knackered!

Posted on: 05 Apr 2021

Hello again. I am sorry, I haven't written much in this blog lately, but I have been getting a fair amount of exercise, honest - not running, but lots of walking and/or lots of cycling. Well, remember, I am 'blind', so I can't cycle properly, but I have an exercise bike, which I drag in front of the telly - you can see why I say I am 'blind', rather than blind - I am officially registered as blind, and I most certainly can't drive, but only half of my visual field is missing.

This morning, I dragged out my bike, and put the film Dogma on the telly. That is the one where Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are fallen angels. So, I sat on my bike, and pedalled pretty hard for two hours.

That completely wore me out, and left me with a very tired bum!

Then, this afternoon, I decided to walk down to the supermarket. Mr Flump said he could go, but I thought that maybe going for a walk would be good to make my poor sore bum loosen up a bit. I *think* it has helped, a bit. But only a bit!

Oh well, it is Easter Monday, and I have the rest of the week off work. :-) I *might* be daring, and go for a run. But I might not. We shall see...

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