Hospital Exercise - 43

Posted on: 07 Apr 2021

Hallo again. Happy Easter everyone. Apologies for no write up yesterday but certain things are happening which stopped me from putting anything down here yesterday evening. 

The latest info from the hospital is that i do not have to go in every Tuesday now. It has changed to two weeks so i am back in again on the 13th April. This is obviously a great step forward for me but then just the 2 week separation created its own problems in that some of the prescription drugs i am on were going to run out and i ususally get the new prescription directly from the hospital. It all ended up well with the hospital faxing the prescriptions to my local pharmacy, so i did not end up going inbto see them again just to get some bits of paper.

I am down to half the amount of steroids i was on at the start of taking them which is 35 mg / day and the finish of these can not be soon enough. I do not seem to get any particular reaction from the steroids, it is what i am on that i take to stop lung infections that is causing the problems i have just now. Generally i am good and feel good but a lot of the time i shake, and quite a bit more after the exercises i do. Blurred vision is another one that is happens evey now and then and is what happened yesterday when i was going to write this. A lot of the time i feel like i am walking round like a zombie. Any way i am half way through the steroids and as a result half way through this other stuff which i will stop taking at the same time as the steroids are finished. 

Getting on with exercise despite the weight loss which seems to have stabilized at 94.0 kg ( 10 stone 02 lbs). There has been no further drop in weight for a week now, and it actually goes up during the day to 95.0 kg which i assume is food and drink consumed throughout the day.

Exercise at the moment consists of walking around a series of apartment blocks fully done up in hat, gloves, sleeves etc to avoid the sun. The beaches are unfortunately not the place to go just now for me as social distancing and face masks do not appear to be high on anyone elses agenda. I have had a text saying i will be invited to have a covid jab which i am well pleased about but have not heard any more regarding that. But it is a step way before i was expecting to get it, they did tell me 12 months with my new immune system still growing. I have still not had any of the childhood jabs either which i was also advised 12 months before i would be getting those.

Actual exercises at home consist of 4 to 5 sessions of 6 minutes or more of HIIT. Considerably easier to do now that i do not have the Hickmann Line in the way or have to think about it.  Some of the sessions i use 4 kg weights as well, for lunges, squats, rows inbetween doing press ups. There are generally a lot more exercises i can do now with absolute minimum equipment such as dumb bells, but generally i do body weight stuff. Still no running - the hospital were talking about doing a Dexa Scan on me before allowing that. Something to do with bone density from what i read up quickly, so i hope they get on with it soon. I have been doing one session as well as the other 4 to 5 in order to keep up with the squats i had restarted - now up to 200 squats but it takes the best part of 9 minutes if i do sets of 20 with 10 seconds rest inbetween. I don't think i will be going any farther with this number as jelly legs at the end of it along with the shaking etc don't exactly help.

No bloods to check this week so it will be next Tuesday 13th before i get any of that sort of info as to how i am doing. Have a great week everyone. Stay safe.

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