Hospital Exercise - 44

Posted on: 13 Apr 2021

2 weeks since i have attended the hospital for bloods and a general check over. There was a lot of activity between myself and the hospital by phone and text during last week but at least i did not have to go in.

Today the visit was good, i had the usual bloods taken, had a Doctor give me an overall eye check up, and then i saw the Doctor in oncology who has been dealing with my stem cell transplant situation since the beginning of January 2021.

Bloods: White cells down to 4.2, Neutrophils down to 3.5, Haemoglobin up to 13.8, Platelets up to 67. Generally all ok and the hospital staff are still pretty pleased with progress seeing as i am still on steroids and other drugs which surpress my new immune system.

Weight loss: - weight appears to have stopped falling and has been steady at 64.0 kg for the previous 9 days. I have been stuffing extra food down myself in the last 2 weeks in the form of, eggs, chicken, steak, whey protein shakes with full fat milk. The loss of muscle mass shows mainly in my legs. The skin on inside area of my upper legs and on the back of my calves on the lower legs have gone wrinkly where there was obviously more muscle previously and i can move the skin around which is pretty gross. Hoping my efforts to stuff extra protein down will show some results soon.

Still going well with exercises: Using my 6 minute exercise routines for approximately 30 minutes every day with one day where i only do around 12 to 15 minutes. Every other day i am doing 200 squats as part of that routine - it takes me between 8 and a half and 9 minutes usually to carry this out and leaves me very close to the jelly legs stage, so i will not be going any further than 200 squats with this. Enjoying doing all the various excercises that i was not able to do with the Hickmann Line in place, along with all the exercises i was carrying out in hospital. Still no word from the Doctor on the Dexa scan ref to bone density and starting running again. 

Have a great week everyone. If you have not been able to get out and do what you love to do for months, now is your chance again, or soon will be, within the lock down rules presently in place, to do things which inspire and motivate yourself. If you really want to do something, do it. You do not need to be perfect at it in order to derive benefits from it. So no matter what your passions are, pursue them.


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