7 Amazing pre-workout food

Posted on: 24 May 2021

We live because people take gym work very seriously, but in many cases, they fall prey to the idea that they should not eat before exercise or they go to the gym on an empty stomach. Not sure what to eat. But this does not mean that you are being bullied at heart before your workout. The key is to follow a middle path, that is, to eat at the right time.

Fitness specialist explains: “It is not advisable to exercise on a full stomach. So it is essential to eat at the right time. Even an empty stomach can distract a person during exercise. Since carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for the body, it is best to have something rich in carbohydrates. Therefore, one should have easily digestible carbohydrates.
Here is a list of foods that are considered suitable before a workout:



Before your morning workout, it is best to drink oatmeal when running on an empty stomach, so you can not eat a few hours before your workout. Oatmeal settles nicely and is also a great source of energy. Even better if you add a fruit line to your oatmeal.

Brown rice with chicken


The majority work in the morning before going to university or work, and some hit the gym in the evening or at night due to time constraints. Having brown rice with chicken is a good option for them. Dr. Zainab Saeed, a nutritionist, explains: Thus, this combination is best done before an exercise. You will need between 200 and 300 calories. You can eat a medium-sized bowl of brown rice (30g cooked brown rice) with two pieces of chicken.”

The Protein shakes


These are very popular among those who attack the gym. “Protein is essential for the overall growth of muscles, bones, and skin. If you do not have enough money from natural sources, it is better to shake Protein. For athletes and people who exercise regularly, it is best to shake off Protein after exercise, but not every two hours. Specialist warns that shaking Protein can cause side effects such as kidney damage. Therefore, one should consult a doctor to know the recommended daily dose of Protein.



They contain sugars and carbohydrates that provide energy to the body. They are very rich in carbohydrates. Renowned coach Sameer Purohit says: “One medium-sized banana eaten 45 minutes to an hour before your workout is usually enough to keep your exercise routine going. It’s like adding fuel to the body. But every person should understand his body and fulfill his / her physical needs.”

Peanut butter sandwich/bagel with honey


Yes, you heard it right. But the trick here is to choose whole wheat or multigrain bread for the sandwich and entire wheat bagels instead. Honey is an excellent source of natural sugars. If you think about the calories here, Dr. Zainab explains, “If you work out in the morning, have a brown bread peanut butter sandwich, since you have been fasting for the past eight to nine hours.”

Energy / Granola Bar


Eating a pre-workout bar means you have more reserves during exercise. “Energy bars usually contain carbon, which gives the body energy. However, make sure your energy/granola column has the least amount of Fat, Protein, and fiber,”



Milk or Dahi contains some calcium and protein, and some natural sugars. Because it is accessible to the stomach and digestive system, consuming it before strenuous exercise is a good option. Adding whole grains, fruit, or honey to yogurt will give you instant energy.

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