Goodness Gracious, Great Ball of Fire!

Posted on: 02 Jun 2021

The British summer has landed.

With the temp already at 20°C / 68°F (and rising) when I set off on Sunday and with Saturday’s beers laying heavy inside me I wasn’t really looking forward to my scheduled long run. BUT I smashed my targets with plenty of firsts for 2021 in the process.

Specifically; first time running in shorts, first time wearing a cap, first time carrying two drinks and (most notably): my first long run without a walk break of any sort. All this in high temperatures and with a couple of long hill climbs. Most of my run was alongside the canal in amazing countryside too and was a great day to be alive.....the runner’s high is strong within me today!

Today’s musical highlights keeping this tubster rolling along were:

Bits ‘n’ Pieces - Artemesia

Irish Rover - The Pogues

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Post run time was spent ‘rehydrating’ with an afternoon in the pub.

Keep on running!



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