Hospital Exercise - 48

Posted on: 08 Jun 2021

1st covid-19 jab given me on 2nd June 2021. No particular problems noticed in days following the jab other than a sore upper arm for 2 to 3 days. Did'nt bother taking any panadol for it either.

8th June 2021 visit to hospital: glad i left early to get there as the traffic was mad and just seemed to get worse the later in the day it got. Bloods all ok - liver levels increased since last visit but did not appear to be a problem for the Doctor. I advised that over the last 2 days i have been having a problem with my eyes - itching and running tears sometimes leading to bloodshot eyes. Red eyes, bloodshot showing in the morning as well. Seem to be ok after putting lubricant drops in both eyes but the bloodshot part of it does not seem to be going away. Doctor advised that there is not enough evidence of what would be called "chronic graft versus host disease" so to wait and see if anything else develops between now and my 2nd Covid jab scheduled for the 30th June 2021. I do not have another visit to the hospital scheduled until 29th June so that the Doctor can check me over before i go for the 2nd jab the following day. There may be some connection with the 1st covid jab and the red eyes confusing the situation so there should be enough time to find out what is going on between now and then. The eye specialist was not at the hospital today but i am very definately booked in to see her next visit on the 29th June.

Ref to exercise just now. Since being given the ok to jog between walking i have managed several goes at this, the first being the day after the 1st covid jab. 50 minutes of walking and 53 minutes of jogging - result being 7.28 miles in 103 minutes. Todays effort ended up being 4.88 miles in 75 minutes. Everything seems to be working ok and there are only a few niggles with muscles. This mainly seems to be in the muscles just above my knees and at the top end of both calf muscles. Every now and then it feels like both legs are about to turn to jelly but it lasts about two seconds and then it is all ok again. But it is a bit disconcerting when it happens. Will post again if anything further comes of the chronic graft versus host disease thing before my 2nd covid jab. Hope evryone is still managing to stay safe now that a lot of things have started to open up again. All the best. Ferg

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