(Not So) Sweet Sixteen

Posted on: 08 Aug 2021

Hey Runsters!

Today marks a mere 8 weeks until the London Marathon and my weekend long run distances are now hitting me like a freight train.

I put in a full week’s training this week; no ifs, buts or maybes and this concluded today with my loooooong run. I was scheduled for a 19 mile distance but I’ll openly admit that I’m a little behind so was aiming more conservatively for 15 miles plus.

I was extremely anxious when I awoke but soon set my mind to breakfast, hydration and er, lubrication. The nerves took some time to subside but eventually I got into my stride and had a great run with a slow & steady 16.3 mile distance now under my belt. I have achey feet but other than that I feel no ill effects and was also happy with the way my gel & energy routine worked out. Just got to figure out where to find the additional 10 miles on the big day!

Musical highlights keeping this tubster rolling along across the miles today were:

Shum - Go_A

Shooting Star - Flip & Fill (Feat. Karen Parry)

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Keep on running!



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